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where to start?

You are new to the whole project, and you just don't know where to start... Try the user guide.

what is a (your favorite sai term)?

You can consult the glossary for a quick refresher on SAI terms.

where can i get more information about sai?

You can refer to the SAI page for the latest publications on SAI, its implementation and its applications.


does fsf work with my operating system?

Fsf 1.0 is coded in portable ANSI C++, compiles on Mac OS X with the gcc compiler, and should work just fine on *nix platforms and on Win32/Cygwin.



why is the process method in a cell not called?

There are two main reasons why the process method would not be called:

So here are a couple of things to check:

  1. make sure your cells and repositorys are connected correctly,
  2. check the filters in the cells (both active and passive) and make sure they match what is actually in the pulses (active and passive)
arjf © 2001-2010