fsf::CNodeTimeStamp Class Reference

Accessor cell for node time stamp value (get only). More...

#include <FsfNodeCells.h>

Inherits fsf::CTypeCellBase.

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Public Member Functions

 CNodeTimeStamp ()
 0-parameter constructor
virtual void getTypeID (std::string &str)
 Returns factory mapping key.
virtual void process (fsf::CPassiveHandle *pPassiveHandle, fsf::CActiveHandle *pActiveHandle, fsf::CActivePulse *pActivePulse)
 Custom processing method.

Detailed Description

Accessor cell for node time stamp value (get only).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CNodeTimeStamp::CNodeTimeStamp (  ) 

0-parameter constructor

Member Function Documentation

virtual void fsf::CNodeTimeStamp::getTypeID ( std::string &  str  )  [inline, virtual]

Returns factory mapping key.

void CNodeTimeStamp::process ( fsf::CPassiveHandle pPassiveHandle,
fsf::CActiveHandle pActiveHandle,
fsf::CActivePulse pActivePulse 
) [virtual]

Custom processing method.

The process function in accessor cells has special semantics: the active handle can be null (=get value) or non null (=set value) The CNodeTimeStamp accessor only works as a getter, so the active handle is always ignored.

Reimplemented from fsf::CTypeCellBase.

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