Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
fsf::CActiveFilter< N >The active filter template class
fsf::CActiveFilterBaseThe active filter base class
fsf::CActiveHandleThe active handle class
fsf::CActivePulseThe active pulse class
fsf::CBarrierThe barrier synchronization node
fsf::CCellThe base processing cell class
fsf::CCellFactory< C >The cell factory template class
fsf::CCellFactoryBaseThe base cell class factory
fsf::CCharBufferCharacter buffer node
fsf::CCharBufferSizeCharBuffer size value access cell (get only)
fsf::CClassFactoryBaseThe base class factory (abstract class)
fsf::CConditionCondition variable class
fsf::CFilterBase filter class
fsf::CMutexMutex class
fsf::CNodeThe base node class
fsf::CNodeDeleteDeletes passive target node from the passive pulse and makes repository notify its connected cells of a change in the pulse's structure
fsf::CNodeFactory< N >The node factory template class
fsf::CNodeFactoryBaseThe base node class factory (abstract class)
fsf::CNodeNameAccessor cell for node name value (get and set)
fsf::CNodeTimeStampAccessor cell for node time stamp value (get only)
fsf::CNodeTypeIDNode type ID value access cell (get only)
fsf::CPassiveFilter< N >The passive filter template class
fsf::CPassiveFilterBaseThe passive filter base class
fsf::CPassiveHandleThe passive handle class
fsf::CPassivePulseThe Passive pulse class
fsf::CPulsarThe Pulsar class A Pulsar is a special cell type that spontaneously generates empty pulses at regular time intervals
fsf::CPulseThe base pulse class
fsf::CRepositoryThe repository class
fsf::CSemaphoreSemaphore class
fsf::CSyncThe barrier synchronization cell Holds incoming active pulses until the specified node pattern (as a filter) is found in the pulse or until timeout
fsf::CSystemThe system class (singleton pattern)
fsf::CTypeCell< Type >The type cell template class
fsf::CTypeCellBaseThe base class for type node value access cells
fsf::CTypeNode< Type >Type node template class
fsf::CTypeNodeBaseThe base type node class
fsf::DeleteObjectGeneric pointer delete functor

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